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This community has all it's posts locked so that only members can see them. It is a very active community, if you wish to see any posts you must join. The community also has moderated membership, so your request to join will need to be approved by one of the maintainers. Please don't forget to add the community to your friends list once membership has been approved.

This is a community for all your Avatar needs! :)
The latest up to date information, avatar items for loan, and friendly members always willing to help out wherever possible. We talk about anything avatar related whether it be rants about how twisted the eliv thade words are, or how you would kill for sloth to approve of you, and of course how to get the newest avatar!

We have a few guidlines we would like you to follow, so please read them before you post:

  • No begging for donations, neopoints, items etc. We have this place open so people do not have to go to the Avatar Chat board.
  • Please watch your chatspeak. It is difficult to read and understand.
  • Please put large pictures, multiple pictures, long posts, or random events (which tend to mess up peoples friends pages) behind a cut.
  • This community is open to people of all ages, so please watch your language and the icons you use.
  • People loan at their own risk, it is up to each individual to decide if they want collateral or not. No-one is OBLIGED to loan anything unless they want to. The community is not responsible for any loss.

Lets keep this a friendly community so we can all have fun :)

Please check out our affiliates :)

pick_a_pet: A place to find your Perfect Pet pick_a_pet is a great place to find a loving home for your beloved pets, or find a new pet to add to your neopian family!

People who break these rules will be banned. Those people will be listed here. Please be aware that if you decide to interact with anyone on this list, you do so at your own risk.

LJ Username - known Neo Username/s
  • xxdancechic5xx - xodancechic5xo

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